Metal Shingles- Stone coated


The stone coated shingle is a classic. A traditional shingle profile with the durability of a stone coated finish. Suitable for most any structure, the shingle profile with stone coated finish will protect your home and keep it looking brand new for the next 50 years.

There are ample colors to choose from. As you peruse our stone coated shingle galleries compare the subtle differences our manufacturers have incorporated into their shingle designs. Remember a stone coated shingle roof will be the last roof you ever install.

Are you looking for a metal roof with the look asphalt? More importantly would you like your roof to look new for the next 50 years? The stone coat metal shingle is the ticket. Affordable, classic and lasts 50yrs or more. Please click on images below to compare Steel Roofers selection of stone coated metal shingles.

Decra Stone coated Shingle
Decra Stone coated Shingle Plus
Allmet Stone coated Shingle 'Granite Ridge'
Allmet Stone coated Shingle 'Guardian'

Gerard Stone coated Shingle 'Guardian'
Metrotile Stone coated Shingle
Metstar Stone coated Shingles