Metal Tiles- Smooth


The Slate Shake panel, with a 5/8" step spaced every 16", and vertical ribs every 11", creates the appearance of a real slate or cedar shake roof, with fewer seams.

Manufactured from our standard 26 gauge, galvanized steel, and pre-finished in either the PVC Barrier Series ®, or PVF2 Kynar 500 ® paint finish, the Slate Shake tile profile panel, will provide a virtually maintenance free roof, for many years to follow.

The net coverage of the Slate Shake panel is 43 1/2 ", and is custom cut to length to the inch, from 4'-0" upto 40'-0". For smaller areas, a 2'-8" panel can be produced.

Installation of the Slate Shake panel, for renovation construction can be installed directly over the existing shingles, or onto 1" x 4" horizontal strapping at 16" o/c spacing. For new construction, the Slate Shake panel can be installed directly onto 1/2" plywood, or onto 1" x 4" horizontal strapping (16" o/c) with an approved building paper.