Metal Shingles- Smooth


Our Steel Shingle section provides clarity on the different styles of smooth metal shingles available in the steel roofing industry. Within the smooth metal shingle category homeowners can choose between the authentic look of slate, embossed slate and the elegant and simple look of smooth metal shingles. Steel Shingles will give your home a polished look to last as long as you own your home. Warranties on all of our steel shingle products are 'Lifetime' and 'Transferable'. Steel Roofers features only the best products by top manufacturers.

Steel shingles are available in various gauges, finishes and colours. Please click on all images below to familiarize yourself with the various 'styles' of smooth metal shingle roofing materials. Give us a shout with any questions you may have!

'Slate' Steel Shingle available through Metal Roofers Inc.
'Wakefield Bridge' by Ideal Roofing
'Courtland' Steel Shingle by Vic West
'Embossed Slate' available through Metal Roofers Inc.